Geneya + Karen ||| Big Daddy Antiques, San Francisco

These two, they have my heart and had it from day one. We met back when they were newly engaged and I was doing a mentor session that needed a couple to model for us. They happily volunteered to be photographed and when her dress didn’t move as well as we thought it should, Karen ripped her dress straight up the side for better movement. To say I was smitten is a understatement. Ripping your dress for me to get movement?? GOALS.

This past fall I got to spend the day with them documenting their beautiful day and it was filled with jewel tones and thoughtful details and so many emotions and so many tears and I’m so thankful I got to be apart of documenting their story and their love. It’s like this epic love story that you get the chance to witness and I couldn’t be more honored to have been there.

During toasts, their friend said “For those of you who don’t believe in soulmates, spend a day with Geneya and Karen and you’ll change your mind” and I couldn’t agree more. These two, were meant to be.

Tunde + Lauren ||| St Vincent Wedding ||| San Rafael, California

Lauren had me from hello. I was on my way to Salt Lake to speak at Photo Native, sitting on the plane after boarding, when I got her first email. Within a few minutes there was a second email, telling me that she has just discovered looking through my website that she was actually friends with one of my past couples, Ashley and Aston. That’s when I happened to look up to see none other than Ashley and Aston sitting down a few rows in front of me. I wrote Lauren back and told her I was taking seeing them, right then, unplanned and totally spontaneous, as a sign from the universe that we were meant to be.

Lauren and Tunde are the kind of couple that have so many friends that are real and true and heartfelt and warm and welcoming because of the wonderful wonderful humans they are. I couldn’t be more proud to have been chosen by them to photograph their Nigerian introduction and wedding and I’m still in awe of how amazing their day was. Thank you thank you both for choosing me. I love you.

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