THEORY // the workshop

Oh man. Our first Theory was just magic, and to be honest, it wouldn't of been the same without the awesome group of girls we had. It's been two months and I'm still in awe of the talent I witnessed and the privilege it was to teach such beautiful souls. It was so incredible being away from distractions, on the foggy California coast and being allowed to create for ourselves, our hearts. To be able to pour ourselves into the photographs we were taking, and teach others in the process. B and I couldn't of asked for a more amazing set of vendors to work with either and I'm still for loss for words, so I'm going to let the photos talk instead.

Thank you thank you for those who came to our first litle gathering and thank you to all of you who poured your talent into it. Although I'm fairly certain thank you will never be enough. xo



Hair and Makeup: Melissa Hoffmann

Head peice and belt: Hushed Commotion

Florals: Shotgun Floral Studio

Backdrop + papergoods: Yay Kindred