Janean + Mark | Central Park Elopement

For as long as I can remember, I have had a call out to the universe that someday, I would love to shoot a wedding in only black and white. There's something so honest about black and white photos to me, something that begs you to notice the emotion and the moments more, something so classic and raw. And I couldn't help dreaming about what a wedding shot like that would look like. I added it to my bio a few years ago, hoping it would resonate with someone. And then, a few months ago, I got Janean's email.

"Dear Abi," her note began " '...How I long to shoot a wedding in only black and white.' I am delighted by the thought and dream to fulfill this desire as my only vision for our wedding photography is this. We have no shot list and no expectation except to have our moment documented with the fullness of a Sunday morning in September in Central Park's lovely Conservatory Garden. We want grit and space and blurs and abstract and us and nothing short of the truth." And, just like that, I knew Janean and Mark were my people. On a overcast Sunday in September before dawn, we awoke, and took a cab to central park and together, made photos that were grit and space and truth.