Emma + Josh | Uganda, Africa

It's been a a little over a year since I got to travel back to the country I love for Emma and Josh's wedding. The second I was off the plane I gulped in the hot air with all my might, filling up my lungs for the four years I'd been gone. I could scarcely believe the red dirt was beneath my feet again, couldn't take my eyes of the lush scenery as we drove down the bumpy road. Emma and Josh's wedding was a wedding of happiness and celebration and joy, so much joy. It was a reunion, a homecoming, a long awaited day.  I hadn't seen Emma, my little sister, since she moved to Kampala to open a orphanage several years before and burst into tears the second I saw her. In fact I had a hard time letting her go once my arms were around her neck.

Josh and Emma had been high school sweethearts, and had gone their separate ways after a few years of dating. Emma moved to Uganda, started her home and adopted a little boy. Josh went to flight school and decided one summer to do a trip across Africa with nothing but a backpack and his motorcycle. When he stopped in Kampala to stay with friends for a few days, he saw Emma on the side of the road. They were both shocked. And scared. And nervous and elated. They both texted me freaking out. Emma hadn't known Josh was going to be in Kampala, and Josh hadn't thought of all the people in the whole city he would run into her. They were all the other had ever dreamed of since they'd been apart and within a few months were making plans to say vows under a big old tree in the yard of The Gem Foundation so all of their babies and workers could come and witness their union. And their first kiss. It was so special and beautiful and I'm so glad I got to be apart of their story and document their love for everyone who couldn't make it. x