i'm not a quiet personality and i'm not reserved. i create art from the very depths of my being and capture moments and emotions that will gut you, but i'm not just that soulful artist who is silently watching and observing in the corner. not always at least.  i'm also your new best friend. ( not to be confused with the best friend who snuck into clubs with you at 17, but we'll get along just great too.)  i'm the one you text at midnight when the venue is about to get shut down or when your seamstress puts hot pink beads all over your dress. (both true stories) we'll make gin and sodas when life hands us lemons and dance when the light is magic. i'll wrap you up in your veil and remind you to breathe and your partner will most positively think i'm crazy but we won't care because we know what we're creating will be magic. and it will be. it always is. i will not only cry at your wedding, i will also dance horribly and sing along off key at the top of my lungs. because that's what real life friends do.


located in Oakland, CA | always ready to travel for good stories and good people.