i could spend hours telling you about me, how i love the way that sunlight flickers through hair and caresses shoulders and shadows will swallow you whole, if you let them. that the smell of wet cement makes me happy and sad, at the same time, for a reason i can't explain and driving with the windows down is one of my favorite pastimes. that when the days are hard and my soul feels closed in, i long to drive back country roads at twilight with the wind running through my hair and the music pulsing through my veins. i could tell you how i  want to shoot a wedding in only black and white one day, and that i wholeheartedly fall in love with each of my couples.  but this is the thing. at the end of the day, it's not about me at all. it's about you and your story.

 if you feel a connection with my work, if the photos you've seen move you and resonate deeply in your soul, if they make you happy and sad and nostalgic and feel a hundred different emotions all at once, then shoot me a email.  let me be the one to tell your story, exactly as it unfolds, unrehearsed, and perfectly yours in every way. 




located in Oakland, CA|   Willing to travel for good stories good people.